Heavyn Leigh: An Artist To Watch Out For

[Picture by Charles Meyer]  Heavyn Leigh is an up and coming artist that you may have heard of before. She became famous over twitter in 2015 for singing a cover of "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston in a bathroom at her high school. She grew up in Georgia and is now located in… Continue reading Heavyn Leigh: An Artist To Watch Out For

Discover Weekly on 10/30/16: First Opinion

  Here are 15 songs off of my Discover Weekly from Spotify for 10/30/16. I named all the songs, artists, and albums along with my first opinion thoughts. (These thoughts are just based off of listening one time, with no prior knowledge of the song/band unless otherwise stated.) Song: City Artist: ADHDS Album: ADHDS Thoughts: This… Continue reading Discover Weekly on 10/30/16: First Opinion