My 15 Favorite Pop-Punk Throwbacks

Emo, pop-punk, whatever you want to call it, I went through the phase. I'm pretty sure most people do. Every now and then I like to throw it back to that time in my life and listen to bands like All Time Low and Man Overboard and relive those days. I even have a playlist for… Continue reading My 15 Favorite Pop-Punk Throwbacks

AskYou: Who’s your favorite band/artist?

  It’s probably become somewhat obvious to anyone who reads my articles what type of music I like and certain artists that I enjoy. With that in mind, I decided to venture out and learn about what artists my peers and friends consider the best of the best. I asked ten different people five questions… Continue reading AskYou: Who’s your favorite band/artist?

Cage the Elephant: Best to Worst

This is quite possibly one of the hardest things I have ever had to do and it has taken me a while, but it’s finally done. Below is my list from favorite to least favorite of every single song by Cage the Elephant. Also, just to note, this is one of my all-time favorite bands,… Continue reading Cage the Elephant: Best to Worst