A-Z April Song Suggestions

I'm back with an A-Z list of song suggestions for April! Not much more needs to be said, besides the disclaimer that some of the more¬†rambunctious letters may be done differently or by-passed. Playlist included ūüôā https://open.spotify.com/user/caitlyn.jenkins/playlist/4mYv3dXTO6FRmhUMuN6Klz ~ A¬†All These Girls - Atlas Genius B¬†Baby Came Home 2 / Valentines - The Neighbourhood C¬†Constant Headace¬†-… Continue reading A-Z April Song Suggestions

Ten Music Festivals Worth Going To In 2017

The past few years have brought with them an unexciting amount of good line-ups for music festivals. Festivals may have been able to get a couple of good artists, but not enough for me to want to shell out $200 + to attend them. This year is different, though. Maybe the people running these festivals… Continue reading Ten Music Festivals Worth Going To In 2017